Using the Gym at School

One of the best things pretty much every post secondary school offers is a gym on campus or nearby.  This is a great resource close by that you can use whenever you want, and if you want to keep the freshmen 15 off you should take advantage of it.

Step 1: Find a basic routine

Make sure that you find a routine and stick to it, consistency is key to success.  You can find routines on any major site like

Step 2: Use supplements

You can dramatically improve your results by using supplements because they can improve your focus and energy levels.  In particular, pre workout energy drinks can really help.

If you don’t want a full pre workout supplement you can try creatine as well to help solely with your energy levels at the gym.  You can learn more about the science behind creatine at, but sufficed to say it will help you train heavy for longer.

Finally, keep it simple and have fun!


More Healthy Eating Tips at School

One of the best ways to eat healthy at school is to cook your own food.  Not only is this usually healthier than eating at a cafeteria but it is often cheaper as well.

Many students however are intimidated by cooking as it’s something they’ve never really had to do before.  As long as you know some basics though it’s really not too bad.

Basics of Cooking

First and foremost you are going to need to get ingredients.  A basic template for a healthy meal is some vegetables, meat of some kind, and a piece or two of fruit.  Go to your local grocery store and pick these up.

Next up you’ll need equipment.  Any cutting board and frying pan will do, but it’s worth the time to research about which chefs knife to get and how to use a knife sharpener to save you money in the future.

Finally you need recipes, go to Google, pinterest, or tumblr and find something you want to make with cooking directions.  From there it’s just trial and error, you will get better!

Eating Healthy at School

Eating right at school can be difficult, in any given day you have class, labs, projects, studying, sports, and extra curricular activities that keep you extremely busy on top of your social life.

In an effort to help you eat healthy during all of this we are covering something that you should be using for convenience and nutrition.

Protein Bars

Protein bars typically have a high content of muscle building protein, but also some carbohydrates and fats to keep your energy levels high.  When you’re feeling sluggish in the middle of the day from work and class this is when you need to munch down on a protein bar and get re-fueled.

Now everyone is different which is why you need to find the best protein bar for you.  Look at the protein content, calories and flavor.  If you are a bigger person you will need more protein and calories.

Do you have any other ways to eat healthy at school? Send us an email and let us know!

Edit: We received a great suggestion from Amanda Porter to add protein powder to this list.  Just like a protein bar it is high in protein but low in total calories.  To learn more about protein powder visit this site.

The Hazard Of Being A Student

When you go to college or university for the first time you’ll notice that you will be sitting a LOT.  What happens when you sit is that your hip flexors can tighten up and you can develop chronic injuries.  This post will teach you how to recognize warning signs of long term problems.

Pain In Hip Flexors

Hip pain is just like any other kind of pain, but in case you do not understand what pain does in the human body, I will explain it to you here. When your body performs a movement, your brain scans all of the involved muscles and body parts as a sort of diagnostics test. If something is wrong during the test the brain will send a sharp pain signal to you using neurons and your central nervous system as a way of telling you to stop what you are doing because something is wrong. It is important to note that pain is a message, not a symptom.

Pain is the most basic and primitive way our brain has of communicating with the rest of the body which is why it is such an effective messenger. So the next time you feel Hip Flexor pain, stop what you are doing for a minute and evaluate what is wrong.

A New Update To IRAs

We talked about IRAs a bit before, and you might have noticed the new IRA Rules, if you haven’t read here before reading the information below: IRA Contribution Limits 2013. Ever thought about if you should make a contribution to your Roth IRA instead of your own Traditional IRA account? Whilst an exact answer is very complicated, there are some basic things you can observe that can help offer you a clear picture of the scenario at hand to help you decide on a great financial decision.

  • Look at the correct tax bracket before anything else. In the case you are making a lot this year you’ll be in a high taxes group, and when making any Roth IRA deposit you will need to pay out a great deal in taxes. Alternatively, with the Standard IRA you’ll not need to pay taxes until you are a lot aged as well as would probably fall into a lower earnings bracket
  • Second, in the event you contribute to your Roth IRA you must pay out state taxes too in case your state requires this. In the event you stopped working anywhere that doesn’t have state fees you would benefit much more from having more inside your Conventional accounts.

Figuring out Your IRA Contribution Limit

It is very common to feel stressed because of the Roth IRA Contribution Restrictions for 2012, especially when you may very well not possess a Roth IRA to begin with. Not having a savings account, it is usually quite hard to be aware of all of the phrases as well as the concepts which are regularly found in the policies. Thankfully, it truly is easier than in the past to begin a Roth IRA account today.

To make a savings account you’ve two choices, you can either open it in an investment financial organization as well as do it on the web. If you get it done on the net it will be much easier and much more handy down the road to maintain your savings account. When creating an ira just go to any major broker similar to Scottrade or Zecco and sign up for an account. You will see step by step guides on creating a Roth IRA especially. Make sure that you have a look at various brokerages so that you have the lowest charges annually, if you invest a bit of time before hand it is possible to help save many dollars sometime soon.

A Quick Update of Info Changes Concerning IRA Accounts

You probably have noticed the recently changed Roth IRA Rules, if you have not read this article prior to continuing to read the rest of this post: rules for Roth IRA. Have you ever thought about if you should make a contribution in your Roth IRA or your Conventional IRA account? Whilst an exact solution is incredibly complicated, there are some basic things you can pay attention to that will help provide you with a clear outline of the situation in order to decide on a great monetary choice.

  • Look at your tax bracket first. If you’re making lots this year you will be in a high taxes bracket, and with Roth IRA contribution you’ll have to pay out a whole lot in taxes. Conversely, using the Traditional IRA you’ll not need to pay as much in taxes until you are a lot older as well as would probably fall into a lesser income bracket
  • Second, should you make a contribution into your Roth IRA you must spend state income taxes at the same time if the state requires it. In the event you stopped working somewhere that doesn’t have state fees you would gain more from holding more inside your Traditional accounts.

Figuring out Your IRA Contribution Restrictions

It is really simple to become overwhelmed because of the Roth IRA Contribution Restrictions in 2012, particularly when you may not have a Roth IRA in the first place. Without having an account, it can be quite hard to understand all of the conditions as well as the principles which are often found in the principles. Fortunately, it truly is much easier than in the past to begin a Roth IRA account today. To create an account you’ve got 2 options, you can do it in person in an investment financial establishment or do it on the web. If you opt to do it online it will be less difficult and much more easy later on to take care of your savings account. When making an ira simply check out any important broker similar to Scottrade or Zecco and sign up for an account. It will have comprehensive instructions about opening a Roth IRA especially. Just be sure you take a look at various brokerages so that you can get the cheapest charges every year, when you spend a bit of effort beforehand you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars sometime soon.


A field of potential, Massage Therapy

Have you heard anything about Massage therapy? I’m sure most of you have since it’s one of the fastest growing fields in North America.  This is a time you should think about going to school and becoming a massage therapist if you have the passion for it.

No matter what your skills are usually there is always one type of massage that will interest you, whether it’s mobile massage, sports massage, or something else.

The predictions from the US Census surveys in recent years suggest that the need for massage therapists will continue to grow until 2020 at the very minimum.  This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a booming industry.

To get licensed in most states you only need 500 hours of training and to pass a national exam, which if you are determined to do quickly you could finish in under a year and learn a ton of skills you need to be successful.

Let’s Get It Started! Saving In College?

Everyone is aware by now of the skyrocketing costs of university and college in North America.  While it’s important to be aware of the costs, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start saving.  Particularly I’m going to fill you on the best investment for a student, a Roth IRA.  Before I go into this too far, check out to get some background on what a Roth IRA is, or watch the video below.

The reason I’m suggesting that you start contributing money to your Roth IRA even when you have debt from school, is that the money in your savings account can grow faster than the interest on your debt.  Not only that but there are other advantages too that I will be addressing.

The first advantage, well it’s kind of a restriction, are contribution limits (here are the 2012 Roth IRA Contribution Limits).  The thing is, with Roth IRAs, and IRAs in general is that you can only contribute up to a certain amount each year to your account.  This means that even if you have more money later on when you’re working it will be hard to make up that lost time that you missed out on.  Investing early can make your money quadruple in 30-40 years, and if you miss out on 5 years of that, that is well over $100,000!

The second positive is that Roth IRAs are flexible.  If school expenses do overwhelm you at any point, you can pull out the entirety of your previous contributions penalty and tax free.  This is an advantage over almost any other type of investment vehicle.